The gateway to Neukölln

project details

On the Neukölln Ship Canal in Berlin, 35,000 square metres of office and commercial space with light industrial use are being created. Three buildings with a facade area of over 16,000 square metres are being constructed. The facade of the ‘Loft and Shed building’ is designed as an element facade. It is structured and accentuated by the deep vertical and horizontal pilaster strips made of anodised aluminium. In addition, a building envelope consisting of a membrane facade with punched windows, mullion-transom facades, profiled glass and folding doors is being created on the ‘Workshop building’.

The project was realised on a small headland of the Neukölln Ship Canal. The biggest challenge was posed by the very tight space conditions, which we overcame using our unique assembly concept.

The technical-looking facade forms the new gateway to Neukölln. The canal directly next to it mirrors the beautiful facade. The architecture of the timeless E6 / EV1 facade captivates with its elegance. The massive horizontal and vertical pilaster strip profiles running through the airy inner courtyards characterise the architecture of the building ensemble.

In addition to the ‘Warehouse’, with its striking shed roofs, the ‘Workshop’ and ‘Loft’ buildings are an impressive sight with their diverse facades. Mullion-transom facades of steel and membrane-covered foil facades as well as profiled glass predominate on the smaller, more unobtrusive buildings.

The ‘Warehouse’ consists of multiaxial elements that were entirely prefabricated. We entirely prefabricated the extremely deep-set horizontal and vertical pilaster strips, together with the roller blind frames and sun protection systems, including the glazing.

Michael Gross
Managing Director, IGM
facade surface
19.000 m²
facade construction
Element facades (1,600 elements)
Steel PR facades
Aluminium PR facades
FACID facade
Sheet metal facade
Profiled glass
implementation period
SOL Grundbesitz GmbH & Co. KG