The latest news from IGM

Frank Elstner visits Medard

In this year’s run-up to Christmas, we remembered our fellow human beings. IGM in Medard welcomed some high-ranking visitors. Managing Directors Michael Gross and Gunter Mohr presented a donation of 25,000 EUR to TV legend Frank Elstner and neurologist Dr Jens Volkmann (professor of medicine), which they received on behalf of the Parkinson Foundation. We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas with their family and friends – and above all: good health!

Sonneninsel: IGM helps to construct a new building ensemble in Berlin-Neukölln

On the Neukölln Ship Canal in Berlin, 35,000 m² of office and commercial space for light industrial use is being constructed.

Three buildings with a facade area of over 16,000 m² are being constructed. The facade of the ‘Loft and Shed’ building has been designed as an element facade. The facade is structured and accentuated by its deep vertical and horizontal pilaster strips of anodised aluminium.

In addition, a building envelope consisting of a membrane facade is being installed on the ‘Workshop’ building, which – along with punched windows, mullion-transom facades, profiled glass and folding doors – is likewise included in the scope of the contracted work.

Highlight at Stuttgart’s Pragsattel: Co-design of the Porsche Design Tower

In the PDT Stuttgart project, approx. 11,000 m² of all-element double facade is being constructed. The building has 25 storeys and is about 100 m high. It is a special construction based on the Schüco AWS 75 SI system. The double facade is being completely prefabricated with uniaxial elements at the factory.

The extremely strict acoustic insulation requirements are fulfilled by the double facade. The curved sections are segmented on the inside and curved on the outside. The outer panes of the facades consist of a newly type of developed bird protection glazing. In addition to the element facade, the overall scope of services includes steel mullion-transom facades, aluminium mullion-transom facades and sheet metal facades.

The gross contract value is approx. €15 million.

A production technology highlight: the Debeka headquarters in Koblenz

Debeka’s main headquarters in Koblenz will have 15 storeys, a total height of 60 m and a facade area of almost 20,000 m². The Z-shaped ground plan really stands out with its ‘eye’ and, thanks to its extremely high architectural quality, is a very striking building.

he 40-cm-deep pilaster strips on the exterior and the sun protection installed inside have been developed based on building physics concepts, so that even with full shading one still has a good view. The 2,750 elements offer a wide range of features.

The elaborate pilaster strip cladding, the suspended element facade based on the Schüco USC 65 system, as well as sheet metal facades, glass roofs and mullion-transom steel facades, are included in the overall scope of services for the complete external building shell. The casing for technical fixtures and the maintenance access system are likewise included in the scope of services.

The total gross volume is just under €20 million.

IGM collaborates in the complete renovation of Terminal 1 in Frankfurt

Building 201 at Terminal 1 of Frankfurt Airport, which is 300 m long, is being fully renovated. The facade area of approx. 13,000 m² consists of prefabricated window strips based on the Schüco AWS 75 SI system, as well as thermally insulated all-glass parapets.

The elements are glazed in the factory and installed on site using manipulators. The complete external building shell also includes aluminium mullion-transom facades and sheet metal facades. We will also supply the facade maintenance access system.

The gross contract value is just under €11 million.

The redesign of Bonn’s Kanzlerplatz square

The three-dimensional design of its load-bearing structure makes the building ensemble an impressive sight. The striking high-rise building, with a height of over 100 m across 28 storeys, completes the new Kanzlerplatz. The surrounding three low-rise buildings, some with up to seven storeys, define the character of the square.

The facade area of approx. 30,000 m² is completely prefabricated, with over 3,000 elements in the form of biaxial elements. All pilaster strips, windowsills, blinds, glass, etc. are fitted at the factory. The glass-fibre concrete, which we helped to develop, is included in our scope of services and is installed after the element facade has been erected. The steel mullion-transom facades and glass roofs likewise form part of our services.

The order volume is approx. €35 million.

Stringent security requirements for the BKA Wiesbaden

We are constructing the new FWS 60 CV (concealed vent) mullion-transom facade from Schüco for the situation room of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) in Wiesbaden. The special feature of this construction is the concealed sash, which makes the facade look very elegant. IGM is developing a bullet-resistant facade for the Federal Criminal Police Office, which is being integrated to have the same look as the mullion-transom CV facade, so that despite the stringent security requirements, no visual difference is noticeable. In addition to the facade, we are also supplying and installing glass roofs, sheet metal cladding, external pilaster strips and sun protection systems.

The order volume is approx. €6 million.

Redevelopment of the Durlacher Allee in Karlsruhe

The new Durlacher Allee development comprises a total of about 1,500 units, which are also entirely prefabricated in Schüco AWS 75 construction. The elements are enclosed in natural stone so that the urban design blends in perfectly with its surroundings. We are constructing a facade area of 10,000 m².

The gross contract value is approx. €8 million.

Complete redesign of Grand Central Station in Frankfurt

In the Grand Central project (new DB German railway buildings A+B) in Frankfurt, a facade area of about 33,000 m² is being installed. The building consists of a total of eight wings with six storeys each. The facade is being constructed according to the Schüco AWS 90 SI system. The window strips, including windowsills, roller blind frames and glazing, are being entirely prefabricated at our factory. The parapet cladding will take the form of a suspended sheet metal facade, while the casing for technical fixtures will be given a slat construction.

The gross contract value is over €16,000,000.

A new urban district in Mannheim: the Glücksteinquartier

The Glücksteinquartier building project in Mannheim is a biaxial element facade with an outside area of approx. 11,000 m². The horizontal and vertical sheet metal shapes give the facade structure an expansive appearance. Next to the plinth building with its inner courtyard, a high-rise building is being constructed. The strict noise protection requirements are fulfilled through inset box-type windows. The construction will be implemented in an element window facade according to the Schüco AWS 75 SI system.

The gross contract value is just under €10,000,000.

IGM supports the Strahlemann Talent Company

The national Talent Company concept of the Strahlemann Foundation aims to build successful bridges between schools and businesses. The aim is to bring career orientation at German schools to a new, future-oriented qualitative level, thus offering young people better prospects early on, while at the same time counteracting the current shortage of skilled workers. On 22 March, the Realschule Plus Kusel received the funding commitment for the Talent Company. The school board, the sponsors and the Interessengemeinschaft Kusel, who are financing the project together with the youth hostels of Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland, as well as the Strahlemann Foundation, came together for the signing ceremony.

An innovative assembly concept for the IKK Saarbrücken

The architectural firm Atelier PRO Architekten B.V. from the Netherlands submitted the winning design for the new IKK health insurance administration building in Saarbrücken. In the subsequent Europe-wide call for tenders, IGM was awarded the contract due to its innovative assembly concept and the consequent top-to-bottom installation of the element facade.

A complete building shell was developed for the building owner in the form of an element facade (including integrated sun protection). The visual appearance of the building is achieved by means of shadow boxes, which create an attractive effect of depth. The building also has generous atrium roofs with slat insert elements.

In all, a modular facade of 9,000 m² and a roof area of 1,000 m² are being constructed. The contract value is approx. €10,100,000 (gross).

(Bildquelle: Atelier PRO)

A special construction for the GIZ Bonn

The GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation) building project was developed with a special construction based on IGM’s USC65 modular facade for the client, Imetaal. The MHZ sun protection is installed in extruded special profiles and the blinds are fully integrated in the elements. The ventilation flap is likewise a special construction with a floating post profile. All-element curved and segmented areas are being installed.

The 13,000 m² element facade is subdivided into approx. 3,000 individual elements. The element facade will be prefabricated and fully installed within a period of about four months. The contract value is approx. €12,000,000 (gross).

IGM receives an order from Leibniz University Hanover

The Hanover University Construction Office has commissioned IGM to equip the Garbsen campus with facade elements. In addition to classic strip windows in a block system, mullion-transom constructions in aluminium and steel will be used.

IGM wins bid for Nordport Hotel in Hamburg

IGM has been awarded the contract for the Nordport Hotel project in Hamburg Norderstedt. The all-element facade in the Schüco USC 65 series complements the architecture with its evenly spaced layout, giving it an all-glass look due to the slender profiles. The entire building is constructed with a high degree of standardisation and repetition. The approx. 1,500 elements, with a total area of 8,000 m², will be entirely prefabricated and prepared for delivery at our logistics department, thus ensuring a high degree of delivery readiness. The elements will then be installed on site in 50 working days.