IGM builds sustainably

We are continually improving and expanding our measures for climate and environmental protection as well as for the responsible use of resources in order to be climate-positive, i.e. to compensate for more CO2 than we emit.

This is why our raw materials are sourced from sustainable sources.

We also invest in innovation and research to ensure that our facades meet these standards.

Our environmental policy serves to continually improve climate protection as well as to prevent disruptions and avoid hazards for our employees and for neighbouring residents.

This commitment to social responsibility by the company management is an integral part of our philosophy. All employees cooperate responsibly in the daily implementation of environmental protection measures. Everyone can and should point out potentials for improvement.

Our environmental management system meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 14001:2015.

Michael Gross, Managing Director, IGM

Our climate protection measures:

Climate-neutral power generation through a 2.4 MW photovoltaic system.
Modern machine fleet with efficient, energy-saving machines.

Modern machine fleet with efficient, energy-saving machines.

Aluminium recycling in accordance with the A/U/F cycle. A/U/F e.V. is an association supported by German metal construction companies, system houses and other companies and organises a closed recycling loop for aluminium in the areas of windows, doors and facades.

Einsatz von Use of reusable packaging materials (racks for element delivery, wire mesh boxes, etc.)

Savings in paper consumption thanks to digital processes, such as low-paper production.

Lighting energy savings in the production area of approx. 70% through the use of white floors and LED lights.

Low wastage (< 3%) through individual, project-related optimisations of the fixed lengths of aluminium profiles and insulation bars.

Return of packaging materials from construction sites and proper disposal or recycling in the materials cycle.

Observance of DGNB and LEED standards when planning and purchasing materials and products.

Environmental management certification ISO 14001 (spring 2021).