Our aspiration

We work in a flexible, cost-optimised and sustainable way. As a future-oriented company, we are consistently developing our technical expertise and actively pushing ahead with innovations.

At IGM, all services are available to you from a single source – from the conceptual design and support in the contract award process to production and assembly. We thereby develop concepts that are individually tailored to each client’s needs.

We are a reliable, punctual partner and problem solver: at our company, decisions don’t entail a long-drawn-out process, but are made efficiently and accurately. Thanks to long-term partnerships, our material supply is guaranteed. We always focus on operating in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

Simply Production

The heart of our operation is the production process. We have therefore developed the ‘Simply Production’ system, which is used at our works and is based on a purely digitalised process.

So-called flow production combines excellent quality with high efficiency. This significantly contributes to saving energy and thus to reducing CO2 emissions.

We are continually investing in production technology, optimising it and developing it further.

With our ‘Simply Production’, we ensure a quality standard that guarantees both performance capacity and delivery reliability.

Our factory

Our high production quality focuses on meeting new market requirements and optimising processes in an agile way. The implementation of sophisticated architecture in conjunction with the technical realisation of increasingly stringent safety standards characterises our highly efficient production process.

From the multitude of developed building components, we create complete building shells, including security and technical building control systems. Our project teams work in a solution-oriented way to ensure that highly complicated elements are built efficiently and thus meet the customer’s requirements.


We can store up to 6,000 elements at our logistics warehouse. Our own fleet of trucks ensures punctual delivery throughout Germany. With our logistics hub and our company trucks, we can thus guarantee secure supply chains for our customers so that projects can be carried out reliably and within the planned time frame.