Facades mirrored in water

project details

Its sheer length makes the Riem Hotel in Munich an impressive sight: it epitomises a horizontal high-rise building. Due to the extremely complex requirements placed on the facade, and particularly to achieve the depth of the architectural design, it was divided. IGM’s partner Ebener of Bad Marienberg realised the cold facade as a suspended, high-quality aluminium sheet metal facade, while IGM built the insulating facade.

The facade came into being through superb collaboration. All the profiles were cut as special profiles. This was a real challenge, which resulted in the present sophisticated, high-quality facade.

Michael Gross
Managing Director, IGM
facade surface
10.500 m²
facade construction
Suspended facade in all-element construction, Hueck system, with suspended cladding of aluminium sheets and sun protection systems
Mullion-transom facade with sliding elements
implementation period
FONDARA Immobilien AG