Highlight at Stuttgart’s Pragsattel: Co-design of the Porsche Design Tower

In the PDT Stuttgart project, approx. 11,000 m² of all-element double facade is being constructed. The building has 25 storeys and is about 100 m high. It is a special construction based on the Schüco AWS 75 SI system. The double facade is being completely prefabricated with uniaxial elements at the factory.

The extremely strict acoustic insulation requirements are fulfilled by the double facade. The curved sections are segmented on the inside and curved on the outside. The outer panes of the facades consist of a newly type of developed bird protection glazing. In addition to the element facade, the overall scope of services includes steel mullion-transom facades, aluminium mullion-transom facades and sheet metal facades.

The gross contract value is approx. €15 million.