A production technology highlight: the Debeka headquarters in Koblenz

Debeka’s main headquarters in Koblenz will have 15 storeys, a total height of 60 m and a facade area of almost 20,000 m². The Z-shaped ground plan really stands out with its ‘eye’ and, thanks to its extremely high architectural quality, is a very striking building.

he 40-cm-deep pilaster strips on the exterior and the sun protection installed inside have been developed based on building physics concepts, so that even with full shading one still has a good view. The 2,750 elements offer a wide range of features.

The elaborate pilaster strip cladding, the suspended element facade based on the Schüco USC 65 system, as well as sheet metal facades, glass roofs and mullion-transom steel facades, are included in the overall scope of services for the complete external building shell. The casing for technical fixtures and the maintenance access system are likewise included in the scope of services.

The total gross volume is just under €20 million.