The redesign of Bonn’s Kanzlerplatz square

The three-dimensional design of its load-bearing structure makes the building ensemble an impressive sight. The striking high-rise building, with a height of over 100 m across 28 storeys, completes the new Kanzlerplatz. The surrounding three low-rise buildings, some with up to seven storeys, define the character of the square.

The facade area of approx. 30,000 m² is completely prefabricated, with over 3,000 elements in the form of biaxial elements. All pilaster strips, windowsills, blinds, glass, etc. are fitted at the factory. The glass-fibre concrete, which we helped to develop, is included in our scope of services and is installed after the element facade has been erected. The steel mullion-transom facades and glass roofs likewise form part of our services.

The order volume is approx. €35 million.