An innovative assembly concept for the IKK Saarbrücken

The architectural firm Atelier PRO Architekten B.V. from the Netherlands submitted the winning design for the new IKK health insurance administration building in Saarbrücken. In the subsequent Europe-wide call for tenders, IGM was awarded the contract due to its innovative assembly concept and the consequent top-to-bottom installation of the element facade.

A complete building shell was developed for the building owner in the form of an element facade (including integrated sun protection). The visual appearance of the building is achieved by means of shadow boxes, which create an attractive effect of depth. The building also has generous atrium roofs with slat insert elements.

In all, a modular facade of 9,000 m² and a roof area of 1,000 m² are being constructed. The contract value is approx. €10,100,000 (gross).

(Bildquelle: Atelier PRO)